How to Make Greek Yogurt

The popularity of Greek yoghurt across the world comes as no surprise considering its high-density and thickness as well as their exemplary flavour that makes it different from regular yoghurt. With Greek yoghurt, you also get a super food that can keep you satisfied over a long time. However, the main difference between Greek yoghurt and regular yoghurt is that Greek yoghurt is strained while regular yoghurt is not. This straining process is aimed at extracting whey from the yoghurt.

Apart from the flavour and high density of Greek yoghurt, it is also a preferable option for many people due to the potential health benefits it offers. Apart from helping you lose weight, Greek yoghurt also ensures that you are supplied with all the essential nutrients. Because of the many health benefits that come with taking Greek yoghurt, many people are looking to learn the skills of making Greek yoghurt at home. This website provides you with all the guidelines for making quality Greek yoghurt in the comfort of your home without using any fancy ingredients or equipment.

You do not need any fancy equipment and ingredients to make Greek yoghurt at home as it follows a straight-forward procedure. The first step in making Greek yoghurt at home is heating the milk over a medium flame and stirring regularly to prevent the milk from forming a skin at the top. Once you are done heating the milk, it is transferred to a larger pot with ice and water where the hot milk is allowed to cool. You should then form a perfect blend of warm milk and plain yoghurt in a separate bowl and all the rest of the milk while mixing until it is perfectly blended. Once you have the perfect mixture, you are supposed to cover the bowl with a lid and wrap it in a moist warm clothes and take it in the oven overnight or for about six to eight hours. A mesh sieve and cheese cloth are then used to strain the yoghurt.

They are also different uses for the whey that is extracted during the process of making the Greek yoghurt. Depending on your preferences, you can president added to a smoothie or add it as it is for extra nutritional content. It can also be used as an alternative for buttermilk, milk, or water when baking.

Homemade Greek yoghurt just better and it can make the perfect dish even on its own. If you end up with a surplus after making Greek yoghurt, you can use it as a recipe in a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Frozen yoghurt cups and blueberry yoghurt cookies are perfect examples of some of the dishes you can try making.
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